Bovine TB research and development

Badger at dusk - Bovine TB

Badger found dead survey in the Edge Area of England

A joint study by the Universities of Surrey and Nottingham culturing M. bovis from road-killed badgers.

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Dark brown poo - Bovine TB

Detection of M. bovis in badger faeces​

Research of various methods to detect the TB bacterium in badger faeces.

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Cows grazing in the field - Bovine TB

About bovine TB

Bovine tuberculosis is one of the biggest challenges facing the UK cattle farming industry today.

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TB under the microscope - Bovine TB

Microbiology of M. bovis

Find out how M. bovis is so successful as a bacterium, and why bovine TB is so difficult to eradicate.

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Statistics - Bovine TB

Statistics and epidemiology

Access our interactive TB statistics dashboard to find out about the bovine TB situation in your local area.

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Bull at country show - TB Hub


TB Advantage is a genetic index published by AHDB to help dairy farmers breed cows with an improved resistance to bovine TB.

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