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Introduction to bovine TB 

Lord Benyon, Defra Minister, discusses the 25-year TB eradication strategy for England.

A short animation explaining what bovine TB is and the government’s 25-year strategy to eradicate it in England. 

John Cross, chair of the bovine TB Partnership, discusses the government’s strategy for achieving officially TB free status for England.

Information bTB (ibTB)

Information bTB (ibTB) is an online interactive mapping tool set up to help cattle farmers and their vets understand the level of bovine TB in their area. The map shows the locations of all TB breakdowns in England and Wales. Use ibTB to find out about the bovine TB situation in your local area, and when purchasing cattle. Watch this short video on how to use ibTB.

In January 2021, ibTB was enhanced to additionally display the number of years herds in England have been officially TB free. Watch this short video to learn how to use this additional functionality.

TB Advisory Service (England)

Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHECS) TB entry level membership & accreditation

Bovine TB biosecurity videos

A collection of short videos from Defra, explaining how you can limit direct and indirect contact between badgers and cattle to protect your herd from TB.

Badger biosecurity videos

A collection of footage from the South West TB Advisory Service showing badgers accessing farm buildings and cattle feed at pasture. 


Katie Thorley, Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager at the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), asks farmer Catherine Bunting and vet Sarah Tomlinson from Westpoint Vets about what you should do once your herd has been restricted due to a TB breakdown.