TB testing cattle

The main screening test for TB in cattle in Great Britain is the single intradermal comparative cervical tuberculin test (SICCT). This is commonly known as the tuberculin skin test. 

White cow - Bovine TB

The bovine TB skin test is supplemented by the interferon-gamma blood test, or gamma test for short. This laboratory-based test is used alongside the skin test in known infected herds under TB restrictions.

Antibody or serological blood tests are used on a case by case basis in chronic and persistent TB breakdown herds that have not been resolved despite multiple rounds of skin testing and use of the gamma test.

Brown cows grazing - Bovine TB

Statutory TB testing of bovines

A PowerPoint presentation by the Animal & Plant Health Agency explaining the policy behind statutory TB testing of bovines in England.

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Bovine & Avian Tuberculin - TB Hub

Tuberculin skin testing

Everything you need to know about the tuberculin skin test and how it is used for surveillance and breakdown TB testing of bovines.

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Interferom gamma - Bovine TB

Blood testing

Find out about the supplementary interferon-gamma and antibody tests used in TB breakdown herds.

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Meat carcasses - Bovine TB

Post mortem inspection

Information about post mortem inspection and tissue culture to diagnose M. bovis.

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Alpacas in a meadow - TB Hub

M. bovis PCR test

Find out more about APHA's polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for bovine slaughterhouse cases and non-bovines.

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TB under the microscope - Bovine TB

Whole genome sequencing

This molecular technique is used to characterise the entire DNA of the TB bacterium.

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Bison group

TB skin testing of bison in Great Britain

Keepers of bison in GB are required by law to have their animals skin tested for TB as part of prescribed surveillance regimes.

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Scientist in lab sampling - Bovine TB

Help for businesses developing TB tests

APHA is providing free of charge access to samples for commercial development and enhancement of diagnostic tests for bovine TB.

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