Trading cattle

Information about cattle movements and trading for unrestricted (officially TB free) herds, including statutory testing requirements.

Farm radius diagram - TB Hub

Simplification of livestock movements in England

In 2016, Defra introduced changes to the system for registering land on which livestock are kept. Watch this short video explaining the rules.

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Farm building - Bovine TB

Applying for an additional permanent CPH number in England

A simple flow chart explaining how to apply for an additional permanent CPH number within 10 miles in England.

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Vet examining cows - TB Hub

Pre-movement TB testing of cattle in Great Britain

Information about statutory pre-movement TB testing of cattle moving out of herds in England, Wales and Scotland.

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Cows at country show - TB Hub

TB controls for cattle moving to and from shows (England only)

Guidance about the statutory TB testing requirements when moving cattle to and from agricultural shows.

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Viles of Avian and Bovine Tuberculin - TB hub

Post-movement TB testing of cattle in the Low Risk Area

Information about statutory post-movement TB testing of cattle moving to the Low Risk Area of England from higher risk areas.

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Youngs cows inside a farm building - TB hub

Licensed Finishing Units (LFUs) in England and Wales

LFUs provide an outlet for finishing of clear tested cattle from multiple unrestricted holdings.

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