Bovine TB biosecurity training materials

Defra and Land Based Learning have developed online training materials on bovine TB biosecurity, based on the principles of the joint industry government Five Point Plan. They are designed to help students, farmers and farm workers learn more about bovine TB and how to protect their herd against a TB breakdown.

Members of Dairy Pro can gain continuing professional development (CPD) points following completion of the final assessment. The online training materials are fully interactive and feature videos, case studies and informal assessments to test understanding. They cover the following topics:

Restrict contact between badgers and cattle

  • About the badger
  • Principles of biosecurity
  • Understand the risk from badgers
  • Restricting badger access

Manage cattle feed and water

  • Restricting badger access to feed stores
  • Feeding techniques to minimise contamination
  • Drinking water management

Stop infected cattle entering the herd

  • Questions to ask about a herd’s TB history before buying
  • Pre and post movement TB testing requirements
  • Isolation methods
  • Cattle trading options explained

Reduce the risk of infection from neighbouring herds

  • How to check the local TB situation
  • How to establish effective barriers between cattle herds
  • The risks of sharing equipment and how these can be minimised

Minimise infection from cattle manure

  • TB and manure
  • The risk from spreading manure and how this can be minimised

Bovine TB biosecurity – putting it into practice

An opportunity to review some published case studies and appraise the biosecurity measures that have been implemented on farm.

Practical assignment

Develop an on-farm bovine TB biosecurity plan using the measures in the joint industry government Five Point Plan as a framework.

The training materials are hosted on the Land Based Learning site and can be accessed using a computer, tablet or suitable mobile device. If you need assistance please email