Preventing TB breakdowns

There are many simple, practical steps that farmers can take to increase their herd’s resilience to bovine TB. In this section, find out more about bovine tuberculosis prevention, the TB bacterium, contingency planning for a TB breakdown, and practical biosecurity measures. 

White cow - Bovine TB

Learn more about bovine TB

Bovine TB is a chronic, mainly respiratory disease of cattle caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis.

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Male vet on a farm - Bovine TB

Contingency planning for bovine TB

Consider how a TB breakdown would affect your business and draw up a contingency plan with your vet.

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Holstein cattle grazing - Bovine TB

Protect your herd from TB

Follow the five point biosecurity plan developed by industry and government, to protect your herd from TB.

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TBAS logo - Bovine TB

TB Advisory Service in England

Free, bespoke advice on TB prevention and managing TB breakdowns for eligible cattle keepers in England.

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Badger proof gates on farm buildings - TB Hub

Practical guidance on biosecurity

Find out about practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of TB entering your cattle herd.

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Cows being loaded to a trailer - Bovine TB

The rules around trading cattle

Find out about statutory pre- and post-movement TB testing of cattle, the rules around attending shows, and more.

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