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Viles of Avian and Bovine Tuberculin - TB hub

Diagnostic tests for TB in cattle

The tuberculin skin test, interferon-gamma blood test and antibody tests for cattle.

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Cows from behind - TB Hub

Inconclusive reactor cattle in England

Inconclusive reactors (IRs) and the policy in England of restricting resolved IRs for life.

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Heifers at sunset - Bovine TB

Compensation for TB reactors in England

Compensation payments for cattle removed for TB control, and potential reductions in compensation.

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Vet examining cows - TB Hub

Pre- and post-movement testing of cattle

Rules around statutory pre- and post-movement testing of cattle in Great Britain.

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New badger proof gate installed on a farm building - Bovine TB

On-farm biosecurity measures

Biosecurity measures implemented on-farm to reduce direct and indirect contact between badgers and cattle.

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Male vet on a farm - Bovine TB

Herd health and bovine TB

The effect of other diseases on the control of bovine TB, and breeding genetic resistance to TB.

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TB testing cows on a farm - TB hub

Contiguous and radial testing of cattle herds

TB testing of cattle herds around breakdowns with lesion and/or culture positive animals.

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Loading cows on to a transporter - TB hub

Management of bovine TB breakdowns

Information about what happens during a TB breakdown; from TB testing to licensing of cattle movements.

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