Actions once TB restrictions are lifted

After movement restrictions have been lifted, your herd will need to complete one or more post-breakdown TB tests (check tests), before returning to its routine surveillance testing regime. Check tests include all animals in the herd except calves under 42 days of age.

You will receive a letter (TR33) informing you that movement restrictions have been lifted and your herd’s officially TB free status has been restored. An official withdrawal of restrictions notice (TB10) will also be posted to you. It’s important that no animals are moved off to another holding until you have the relevant withdrawal of restrictions notice.

Conditions that need to be met to before a TB10 can be issued include:

  • All required TB testing must be completed
  • No BCMS/test chart discrepancies
  • Valid BT05 declaration returned to APHA
  • No outstanding TB culture results
  • No outstanding restrictions or testing for co-located non-bovine species

Post-breakdown testing regimes

Post breakdown tests - Bovine TB