Bovine TB strategy and policy

Policy on bovine TB is devolved to governments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The government is committed to implementing a 25-year strategy to eradicate bovine TB in England. A range of policies are in place to control the disease. Find out more by clicking on the thumbnails below.

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Bovine TB eradication strategy for England

Find out how the government and farming industry are working together in England to eradicate bovine TB.

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Bovine TB policy in England

Information about policies implemented in England to control TB in cattle and wildlife.

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Bovine TB Partnership group in England

All you need to know about the bovine TB Partnership of stakeholders and government.

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The Welsh Government established its TB eradication programme, aimed at tackling all sources of infection to achieve its long-term goal of eradicating bovine TB. It includes measures such as annual TB testing of all cattle herds, enhanced cattle movement controls and promotion of good biosecurity practice.

Information about bovine TB policy in Wales is available from the Welsh Government.

In June 2024 the Welsh Government introduced changes to TB testing. Further details can be found on the Welsh Government website and in APHA guidance

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Scotland has been officially TB free (OTF) since September 2009. This unique position within the UK is in recognition of the relatively low and stable incidence of TB found in Scottish cattle herds.

This allows Scotland the flexibility to better target resources and adopt a risk based approach to surveillance, while continuing to protect and maintain OTF status. Low TB risk herds that meet certain criteria are exempt from routine four-yearly surveillance TB testing.

Information about bovine TB policy in Scotland is available from the Scottish Government.

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Northern Ireland

The TB Strategic Partnership Group launched its bovine TB eradication Strategy in December 2016. It includes a series of recommendations developed by the group that they feel, if implemented, would lead to the eradication of the disease in the future.

Information about bovine TB policy in Northern Ireland is available from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

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