Badger culling in England: information on what the government is doing to control the risk of bovine TB from badgers

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Learn about the background to badger culling and the Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT) by reading our factsheet.

Assessing the effect of badger culling on TB in cattle herds

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) monitors and evaluates the relationship between culling and TB incidence in cattle in badger culling areas in England.

A scientific paper published in Scientific Reports measured the association between badger culling and TB in cattle herds in three areas of England between 2013-2017 (Gloucestershire and Somerset) and 2015-2017 (Dorset).

The analysis showed that industry-led culling was associated with reductions in cattle TB incidence rates after four years, but there were variations in effects between areas.

A summary of the key findings of the scientific paper is explained in our factsheet.

To find out more you can also access the full paper online.

A previous analysis published in 2017 assessed the effects from badger culling on cattle TB incidence in Gloucestershire and Somerset after two years of culling. Access the full paper online.