Bovine TB Partnership (England) Overview

The bovine TB Partnership of stakeholders and government are working together towards the shared goal of eradicating bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in England. The bTB Partnership was established to encourage shared ownership, coordination and decision-making and as a driving force for further progress towards disease eradication.

Why do we need a bTB Partnership?

Bovine TB can be devastating for farmers and rural communities and currently costs taxpayers in England around £100 million every year. Defra is committed to driving forward an ambitious strategy to eradicate it, which includes a range of evidence-led interventions to tackle the disease in both cattle and wildlife. The independent 2018 Godfray Review recommended a refreshed governance for bTB and emphasised the importance of all sectors making a concerted effort to eradicate disease. That is why the government needs to work with industry and wider stakeholders through the bTB Partnership to achieve success.

Who is involved?

The bTB Partnership comprises members with extensive experience and expertise in the farming industry, private veterinary profession, non-government organisations, academia, local authorities, and government. It replaces the TB Eradication Advisory Group for England.

Member organisations


What are the main objectives of the bTB Partnership?

The Terms of Reference set out the requirements and standards that the bTB Partnership must meet, including objectives, who attends and chairs meetings, and how often they meet.

Task and finish groups

Provide expert advice and help consider the practicalities of implementation in the policy making process
Co-design potential new policies and help communicate them to the farming industry
Contribute to setting the strategic direction of the bTB eradication programme, helping to identify priorities and address specific opportunities, risks and issues
Champion and promote the bTB eradication strategy. Engage with interested parties across England to ensure the views and opinions of those affected by bTB are heard
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Task and finish groups are short term groups made up of bTB Partnership members, supported by experts from Defra and APHA. They look at specific issues, analyse available evidence and report back to the wider bTB Partnership.