TB Testing in non-bovines

Tuberculin Skin Test

The comparative tuberculin skin test is also used in pigs, South American camelids, goats, sheep and deer. As in cattle, the skin test is the internationally accepted test for M. bovis in live animals, although its performance characteristics in non-bovine species are not as well known.

Interferon-gamma Blood Test

The interferon-gamma test has been evaluated in alpacas under UK conditions. The test is resource-intensive particularly with regard to sample handling and has now been superseded by antibody tests.

Antibody Tests

Antibody tests validated under UK conditions are available for statutory testing of South American camelids (see references below). A voluntary private health scheme is also available. There are no antibody tests validated under UK conditions currently available for pigs, sheep, deer or goats.  

Validation papers for tests in South American Camelids:

Rhodes, S., Vordememeier, M. 2012. Validation of antemortem TB tests in camelids. Defra project FT1477 final report

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