Orange Markets in England

Approved Dedicated Sales for TB Restricted Cattle

Approved Dedicated Sales for TB restricted cattle must be licensed and approved by APHA. Approved Dedicated Sales include Orange Markets, Calf Collection Centres and Dispersal Sales. These sales are only held in England and cattle cannot be moved from the sale to a holding within Wales other than direct to a slaughterhouse.

Orange Markets

Orange Markets provide farmers with a trading option for clear tested animals from TB restricted herds. Cattle over six weeks of age must have had a clear TB test within the 90 days preceding the sale. Cattle enter the market under licence and following the sale can be licensed to move to: an Approved Finishing Unit (AFU) or direct to slaughter.

Calf Collection Centres

Calf Collection Centres operate in the same way as Orange Markets. If over six weeks of age, calves entering the Collection Centre must have had a clear TB test within the previous 90 days. From the Collection Centre calves can be licensed to move to an AFU or go direct to slaughter.

Dispersal Sales

Dispersal sales for TB restricted herds may be approved, subject to a satisfactory risk assessment and licence from APHA, at a dedicated sale site or on farm. Cattle sold at an on farm dispersal sale can be moved to slaughter, to an AFU or to another TB restricted holding providing they satisfy certain criteria, as set out in the APHA guidance. Cattle movements from these sales must generally be within England, though movements to slaughterhouses in Wales can be permitted.

Visit for APHA Conditions for Approval and Operation of Dedicated Sales

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List of Orange Markets currently held in England:


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Beeston – Wright Marshall Auctioneers


Truro – Lodge & Thomas

Hallworthy – Kivells


Exeter – Kivells

Holsworthy – Kivells

Newton Abbot – Rendells


Shaftesbury – Southern Counties Auctioneers


Cirencester – VoycePullin


Hereford – Hereford Market Auctioneers


Newark – Newark Livestock Market


Bridgnorth – Nock Deighton

Ludlow – McCartneys


Frome – Frome Livestock Auctioneers Ltd

Sedgemoor – Greenslade Taylor Hunt