Licensed Finishing Units (LFUs) in England

A Licensed Finishing Unit (LFU) is a type of TB unit approved by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in the Low Risk Areas (LRA) of England. They have been introduced to replace Approved Finishing Units (AFUs) in the Low Risk Area of England only.

Visit our TB risk map to find out if you are in the Low Risk Area of England

LFUs provide an outlet for the finishing of negative-testing cattle from multiple officially TB free (OTF) herds, where the animals are permanently under movement restrictions, housed under biosecure conditions and exempt from TB testing.

Cattle may be sourced from multiple OTF premises and any area of England, Scotland and Wales.

Pre-movement testing must be carried out on cattle from annual testing herds within 60 days before they are moved to the LFU. Cattle in the unit are exempt from post-movement testing, providing the statutory pre-movement testing requirements have been met.

Cattle finished in LFUs will remain under movement restrictions at all times and can only be moved from those units directly to slaughter.

TB testing is not required for cattle in LFUs but APHA have the option to test in exceptional circumstances.

Cattle moved from premises which subsequently have a TB incident will not be traced and/or notified to LFUs.

Visit for APHA guidance and application form for a Licensed Finishing Unit (LFU)