In England, herds in the Low Risk Area (LRA) are routinely tested every four years. Herds in the High Risk Area (HRA) are subject to annual surveillance testing. In the Edge Area, herds in higher incidence parts are routinely tested every six-months, and herds in lower incidence parts are tested annually supplemented by radial testing around TB breakdowns with lesion and/or culture positive animals.


In Wales, cattle herds are subject to annual surveillance testing.


Although Scotland is officially TB free, cattle herds are subject to risk based surveillance testing. Cattle herds eligible for surveillance testing are tested every four years.  

More Information

Risk map displaying the different surveillance testing frequencies in England, Scotland and Wales 

Guidance for cattle keepers on surveillance testing intervals for areas in England, Scotland and Wales

APHA TB Testing Interval Search Tool, which allows you to find your TB testing interval using your CPH number in England, Scotland and Wales


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