Risk Based Trading (RBT)

Introducing new animals to a herd can be a potential disease risk for TB and other cattle diseases. The key objective of risk based trading (RBT) is to consider the TB history of the herd that you are buying from so that you can assess and manage the risk of introducing TB into your herd. RBT can play an important part in helping to reduce the spread of bovine TB.

Try to obtain a full TB history of herds from which you purchase cattle so that you can assess the level of risk and take action to manage it. As a minimum, you should ask for:

  1. Date of the animal’s pre-movement TB test: Not all animals require pre-movement tests, but those that do should have been tested in the 60 days before their sale. For details of the legal requirements, please see Pre-movement and post-movement testing of cattle in Great Britain.
  2. Date of the seller’s last routine herd test: Knowing this date may offer additional reassurance if the herd has tested negative for TB recently or it may prompt you to consider carrying out isolation and post-movement testing before introducing the animal into your herd. If the last test was some time ago or you are uncertain about the testing history e.g. if the animal was not bred on the holding from which it is being sold, you should consider isolating the animal and ask your vet to conduct a post-movement test.
  3. Date the herd achieved Official TB Free (OTF) status: All animals offered for sale should have tested negative for TB and come from an OTF herd. However, the length of time that the herd of origin has been OTF can be an indication of the risk level of cattle from that herd. The longer a herd has been free of TB restrictions the lower the risk and conversely a herd that has recently come off restrictions is likely to be a higher risk.

Using this information you will be able to make a more informed decision about whether to purchase the animal(s), and if you do proceed, how to manage that animal(s) once on-farm (e.g. through separation from the existing herd and/or post movement testing).

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The Bovine TB Risk Based Trading Group was an industry-led advisory group with responsibility for providing expert advice to Defra Ministers. It was established in 2012 to make recommendations on options for developing voluntary measures for risk based trading in England to help reduce the risk of TB spreading.

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